Structure of timber enterprise

  • Smorgon forestry
  • Trilesin forestry
  • Gjodishkov foresry
  • Vishnev forestry 
  • Budenovsk forestry
  • Krevo forestry
  • Sol forestry
  • Gravji forestry
  • Golshani forestry
  • Oshmiani foretry
  • "belkovshina"
  • "Krevo"
  • Wood nursery
Activity kinds
  • Silvicultural activity
  • Industrial activity


The enterprise realizes:


Wood in a ready kind (forest products round, balances, raw materials wood).
The made finished goods:
Fellings and complete sets of houses and baths
cylindrical wood d 6-12 sm (palisades, stakes, fence elements etc.)
Saw-timbers edging and not figurative
Chip fuel
Products of collateral using:
Herbs, medicinal raw materials
Brooms economic, brooms baths
Broom economic – cost 1 pieces from the VAT – 1800 rbl. the Broom baths - cost 1 pieces from the VAT – 1800 rbl.
Organize carrying out of the hunting tourism in the arranged well small house
Spends the organization of ecological tourism with visiting memorable, historical and it is simple the most beautiful places in timber enterprise territory