Structure of timber enterprise

  • Smorgon forestry
  • Trilesin forestry
  • Gjodishkov foresry
  • Vishnev forestry 
  • Budenovsk forestry
  • Krevo forestry
  • Sol forestry
  • Gravji forestry
  • Golshani forestry
  • Oshmiani foretry
  • "belkovshina"
  • "Krevo"
  • Wood nursery
Activity kinds
  • Silvicultural activity
  • Industrial activity


About timber enterprise


Smorgon skilled timber enterprise is the official body which is a part of the Ministry of a forestry of Belarus. The timber enterprise is based in 1939 on the basis of the landowner and state earths and was called as Oshmjansky. Now the timber enterprise settles down in territory of two administrative areas (Oshmjansky and Smorgonsky) the Grodno area and occupies the space of 107,2 thousand in hectare. In the northwest the timber enterprise borders on the Lithuanian republic, in the northeast with the Minsk area. The similar arrangement, and also presence of the branched out network of highways and a large branch line Minsk-Vilnius, creates conditions for stable work of establishment. Settlement лесосека (presence of technically ripe wood) it is equal to 95,3 thousand in cubic m./year, and also annual volume of prepared wood from leaving cabins in size about 62,1 thousand in cubic m. tell about presence of a sufficient raw-material base. The timber enterprise carries out silvicultural and industrial activity, silvicultural and лесокультурные works, are directed on creation of harmless, highly productive woods. Carrying out of biotechnical actions направленно on increase in a livestock of the hunting animals that creates a basis for the organization of the hunting rounds, foreign tourism.

In structure of timber enterprise of 10 forest areas, basic nursery, woodworking shop, mechanical-repair shop.

In basic nursery the landing material (сеянцы and saplings of a pine, a fir-tree, an oak) for own needs and for deliveries to export, and also ornamental shrubs and trees for gardening is grown up.

Woodworking shops overwork in a year to 12,5 thousand in cubic m. of wood. In woodworking shop saw-timbers, оцилиндрованая wood, fellings of houses, baths, stakes окоренные are made.