Structure of timber enterprise

  • Smorgon forestry
  • Trilesin forestry
  • Gjodishkov foresry
  • Vishnev forestry 
  • Budenovsk forestry
  • Krevo forestry
  • Sol forestry
  • Gravji forestry
  • Golshani forestry
  • Oshmiani foretry
  • "belkovshina"
  • "Krevo"
  • Wood nursery
Activity kinds
  • Silvicultural activity
  • Industrial activity



24.06.2011On June, 24th, 2011 in «Smorgon skilled timber enterprise» has passed a regional seminar «Modern technologies of cultivation of a landing material. Transfer in economic-valuable plantings by leaving cabins». At a seminar there was managing sector of reproduction of wood and wood amelioration Minleshoza Gerasimenko Maria Valentinovna, the chief of department of a forestry and reafforestation Grodno ГПЛХО the Buoy Andrey Aleksandrovich, the main forest wardens of timber enterprises of area, the engineer on reafforestation and forest pathologistSingular forest pathologist
Plural forest pathologists. At a seminar modern technologies of cultivation of a landing material, including an alder black and birches warty, methods of their protection against wreckers and illnesses, and as transfer of sites of invaluable plantings in economic - valuable by cabins of leaving on the basis of the Trilesinsky skilled forest area are considered. With 5/1/2011 in Smorgon the hunting economy starts hunting for a wild wild boar has opened. Cost of the single permission to a wild boar: till 2 years – 250 000 rbl.; adult – 400 000 rbl.; Trophy – 500 000 rbl. Permit Cost to the single permission – 30 000 rbl. Residing cost in the House of the hunter of Smorgonsky timber enterprise. Residing from 1 person a day 30 000 rbl, bath Services in independence of a number of people of 50 000 rbl. Ph. hunting specialist 8 01592 32452; 8 029 6234944 Petrovsky Andrey Zenonovich.

About enterprise:

Smorgon skilled timber enterprise is the official body which is a part of the Ministry of a forestry of Belarus. The timber enterprise is based in 1939 on the basis of the landowner and state earths and was called as Oshmjansky.

Enterprise production:

Wood in the ready kind, the made finished goods in shops, products of collateral using.